No. 1 Service

Our 45 minute service is best suited to those on a budget but still want their bike in good condition for the trails. It’s also a great option for keeping your commuter roadworthy.

This will get you up and running in no time.

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No. 2 Service

Give us 1.5 hours to get your bike ready to tackle anything you throw at it. The extra time lets us get into the nitty-gritty and have everything running smoothly.

This will get your bike feeling plush.

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No. 3 Service

The 2.5 hour service allows us to get your bike ready for a big weekend of ripping down technical trails or smashing those KOMs.

This will get your bike feeling as good as new.

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Give us a shout!

Need your dream custom build put together? Maybe you need to find out why your bike isn’t feeling as good as it used to? Or maybe you just want to stop by our shop in Auckland for a chat about bikes. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • +64 (09) 3200 692
  • 6 Aranui Road, Mt Wellingon Auckland 1060
  • Monday - Friday 8.30am-6.00pm

    Service Options

    • Some areas this service could address....but not limited to:
    • Full clean of frame, wheels and drive train
    • Check and straighten derailleur hanger
    • Replace gear/brake cable, then tune and lubricate
    • Clean and lubricate chain
    • Full brake service and retune, including bleeding
    • Clean and regrease bottom bracket and crankset
    • Clean and regrease cockpit bolts and headset
    • Torque frame bolts
    • Spoke tension checked and wheels trued plus fresh sealant
    • Pivot and bearing inspection
    • Note: Parts not included
    • Check and retorque all bolts
    • Clean and regrease all bearings
    • Clean chain and apply high performance lubricant
    • Inspect wheels for spoke tension then true if needed
    • Remove seatpost to check seat tube, then apply grease
    • Lubricate and setup suspension
    • Set tyre pressure
    • Reset cockpit and saddle height based on personal preference
    • Disassemble all pivots and rebuild
    • Bleed brakes and tidy cables
    • Remove cranks and bottom bracket to insepct frame, then apply grease
    • Check derailleur hanger and retune gears

    Bike Build


    Have you found an incredible frame, spent time sourcing parts and need someone to put it all together? That’s something that we do.

    We build custom bikes all the time, paying close attention to the smallest of details, knowing how important each part is to the build.

    After a good chat to find out your preferences, we’ll set up your saddle height, bar width, suspension sag so that your bike is uniquely yours.

    Bike Boxing


    Heading overseas on a bike trip? Moving down country? Or shipping a bike to a Trade Me buyer?

    We’ll professionally pack your bike so that it arrives in the same great condition that it was packed in.

    We use a specifically designed bike box so that your bike easily slips in and only needs minimal assembly when it arrives.

    Price includes the box, shipping price will depend on destination.

    Suspension Service


    Suspension is a key part of mountain biking. Your fork and shock eat up rough trails and soak up huge hits – this takes a toll on these vital parts. So regular servicing is important.

    It’s a good idea to bring your fork and shock after every 50 hours of riding, roughly every 6 months for your average mountain biker. Dropper seat posts need some attention too, usually needing a service after 100 hours of use.

    We can also custom tune your suspension so that it’s perfect for you. We set it up so that it compliments your style, giving you confidence on tricky trails.